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Trupoint Brands Launches Icy Ballz: The Best Ice Ball Maker On Amazon

While it has always remained perturbing for the cocktail enthusiasts to have the perfect ice ball spheres, Trupoint Brands takes the initiative to put an end to all such problems by offering the Icy Ballz which on Amazon at the most affordable rates. Having earned the accolade of the best ice ball maker, this product unravels the rejuvenating path for one to have perfect ice ball spheres for whiskey, scotch and cocktail as well. Enabling one to keep the drinks colder for longer, this product has been designed to offer ice balls that are proven to melt slowly without diluting the drink. The kit comes with a bonus funnel and syringe as well. Besides helping one to make four perfect round 2 inch ice balls, this machine can also be used for the purpose of making flavored popsicles or cake pops. Crafted in compliance with high quality silicon mold, this product offers repeated engrossment with the experience. Being a true cocktail enhancer, this ice ball maker has been intended make the drink even more memorable.

One of the spokespersons comments, “You will be getting Icy Ballz – Ice Ball Mold For Whiskey & Cocktail Enthusiasts – Makes Four 2 Inch Perfectly Round Icy Ballz – Slow Melting To Eliminate Diluted Drinks- Bonus: Funnel & Syringe. Great for any of your summer drinks to stay cold along time without watering them down! I love these for the heat! After a few times of trying to get that circle- It’s not so hard to make these! When serving drinks to others they look great!” Such testimonials are the true reflection of the immense level of satisfaction that the Icy Ballz offers.

This Whisky Ice Ball maker has been manufactured in such a manner that it is extremely easy to use and FDA approved as well. The company takes pride in offering 90 day manufacturer money back guarantee with the product.

About Icy Ballz:
Icy Ballz, launched by Trupoint Brands, is the best ice ball maker available in the market and can make four 2 inch perfectly round ice balls.

For more information, please visit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01EVNG8PM


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