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DPB Legal Nursing Consultation Keeps Necessary Parties Accountable In Medical Lawsuits

GAINESVILLE, FL (September27, 2016):- A qualified Legal Nursing Consultant (LNC) is a licensed nurse whose expertise as a healthcare professional contributes to the dexterity of providing sound counsel on specific medical cases. Few attorneys are experienced in the complex aspects, phrasing, or nuances associated with the review of medical records in accordance to certain health conditions. In order for legal teams to achieve the best results for their clients, they enlist a medical expert— specifically an LNC.

This is where the expertise of Devyn Bryant, proprietor of DPB Legal Nursing Consultation, steps in. With her educational background such as her current standing with her Nurse Executive Certification (NE-BC) as well as her MSN along with many other credentials that contribute to her nursing and medical ability, Devyn has the talent to provide law firms the sufficient knowledge of the healthcare framework and its internal workings that will result in more favorable outcomes.

As an affirmed LNC, Devyn Bryant conveys to endure all the learning, background, and skillset of a medical caretaker, alongside an insider’s firsthand specifics of the healthcare framework. Her extraordinary knowledge permits her to effortlessly distinguish deviations from the standard of consideration and irregularities encompassed within medical records. Furthermore, as a credentialed healthcare professional, she can apply her critical nursing ability to the particular prerequisites of legitimate cases to spare the lawyer time and cash. Basically, an LNC makes the lawyer’s research responsibilities less demanding, more productive, and more authoritative while aiding in furthering the chance of the increase of positive outcomes with medical cases.

Whether there are instances of medical misconduct, hospital liability and damages, medical equipment malfunction, tort violations and or other hospital issues – DPB Legal Nursing Consultation has the direct experience of managing these matters. Devyn still actively practices as an RN at a local hospital listed as one of America’s Best Hospitals in the 2016 U.S. News & World Report.

For more information, please visit http://www.dpblegalnursingconsultation.com/

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