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Dingit Achieves Amazing Success In Its Very First Business Year

London, (September 28, 2016) – A top-notch eSports streaming platform, DingIt brings professionally created gaming content to millions of gamers across the globe. The company has managed to get fantastic success in its very first year in business after being launched in 2015.

Ever since its inception, the company has tried to solve all the common issues that come in the way of enjoying eSports for countless gaming fans spread across countries. DingIt, as an advanced events producer and organizer, is focused on creating and offering a sustainable gaming content system over a highly scalable platform. It uses one of a kind proprietary technology to provide gamers with an unmatched experience, who can expect faster streaming of gaming content and significantly reduced buffering time.

In the last 1 year, the company has achieved tremendous success – and the numbers show its growth story. The statistics reveal the demand for this kind of service. DingIt, for its part, is proud of its ability to do something that develops the domain of eSports.

At present, DingIt enjoys the patronage of 20 million unique viewers every month. There have been 80 million unique viewers in total over the last 1 year. In total, 743 years of content hours have been watched in the last 12 months. In the same period, the company has made 400,000 USD worth of investments on original content along with 3rd party eSports streams rights which have led to more than 800 broadcasts.

About DingIt
A live streaming broadcast website for budding and professional gamers, Dingit provides gamers across the world with professionally created gaming content. The company always aims to offer the best gaming experience to users and uses its proprietary technologies to bring sophisticated video streaming experience to them.

For more, please click http://www.dingit.tv

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