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Al Moazin Assist The Muslaim Mass To Observe Their Daily Prayers At The Perfect Timing

Al moazin is a Top New Free Android Apps that will enable the Muslims to keep their routine prayers in perfect adherence to the time. This Free Software has earned a massive popularity among the Muslims, worldwide.

For any pious Muslim man or woman, keeping prayers 5 times daily is a must. However, keeping track of the perfect prayer timing becomes a tough job. The problem intensifies in instances one need to travel abroad. This is where this android app can support the Muslim mass. They can download the app from the website. Consequently, it becomes easier for them to follow the prayer timing precisely. iPhone Users can even download this app. One can check out http://xn—-zmccgn2ae8lnad9b.com for more information and features.

Users can opt for a premium version of this app as well. The premium version features an inbuilt compass that will enable the user to determine the direction of their flight, while they fly abroad. The app even features Islamic calendar that assists the users in following the important Hijri dates. Thus, one can say that this app enables the users to follow the Islamic acts, meticulously. Hence, the popularity of the app seems obvious and justified.

“Our calculation method complies with the major Islamic authorities and hence, the prayer time alerts that the app produces are perfect for observing the daily prayers. In addition, the app even gives advance alerts for the timing of the next prayer time. Thus, it becomes easier for the users to set time out for observing their prayers by the perfect time. Our app features the GPS system and hence, even in the course of flying, users can keep track of the prayer time. Once can Visit http://xn—-zmccgn2ae8lnad9b.com to find more information about the app or to download it”, stated the spokesperson.

About Moazin Muezzin
Moazin Muezzin is an android app that enables the Muslim mass to adopt the perfect timing for their daily prayers.

For more information, please visit http://xn—-zmccgn2ae8lnad9b.com/


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