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Ningbo Gangtong Zheli Fasteners Co., Ltd Offers The Best Quality Hardwares

Ningbo, China (October 02, 2016):- While many people look forward to avail top class hardware at the most competitive prices, it has always been daunting for one to avail the quality products. All such worries come to an end with Ningbo Gangtong Zheli Fasteners Co., Ltd taking the bid to offer high quality hardware at the most affordable rates. The company takes pride in offering hardware like bolts, nuts, screws, thread rods and washers. After being found in 2001, the company has earned the accolade of the best manufacturer of high strength fasteners and become the first choice for many companies across the globe. Having observed a rapid growth over years, the company takes pride in having an area of 15,000 square meters for the purpose of production. With the professional team doing the research, they boast of having large scale warehouse, and advanced supply chain technology that ensures the clients get the best quality products without any hassle.

With the metal fasteners MRO based procurement distribution business; they have become one of those companies that make a substantial amount of annual sales. Besides offering stainless steel screws, they also offer bolts & nuts assembled or separate, threaded rod or studs, washers that are available in both carbon steel and stainless steel. Having customers across North America, Europe, Australia, Russia, Southeast Asia and Middle East, they are regarded as the best.

Unraveling the rejuvenating path for one to use these finest quality materials in the construction of architectural steel structures, bridges, oil pipeline, machinery equipment, furniture, vessel, railway, they are undoubtedly the first choice that one can make. Being ISO9001:2000 certified, they make sure every work executed gets controlled with the help of strict quality control process. Adding to the convenience of the customers, they ensure that all the defective products go through the strict 8D report that has been designed to ensure that the satisfaction of the customers.

About Ningbo Gangtong Zheli Fasteners Co., Ltd:
Ningbo Gangtong Zheli Fasteners Co., Ltd is a reputed company that offers top class high strength fasteners.

For more information, please visit http://www.gtzl-fasteners.com/

Media Contact:
Factory location: Yuyan,Xiepu Chemical Industrial Zone,Zhenhai District,Ningbo,China
Tel: 0086-574-86657588
Fax: 0086-574-86657066


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