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Ningbo Win Full Industry & Trade Co. Ltd Launches Advanced Performance Winches

Zhejiang, China, (October 02, 2016) - Ningbo Win Full Industry & Trade Co. Ltd has come out with the most cutting-edge SUV and truck winch today. The ZEON Platinum winch has been designed for people who want more durability, high quality waterproofing rated IP68 and 20% quicker line speed.

The jeep winch has some excellent features. It has a new Advanced Wireless Remote and the first remote controlled clutch of the world. The wireless remote is a very intelligent and advanced device that can control the way the clutch, the winch etc operate. The clutch lever of the car winch, which could be manually operated, has been done away with. The ZEON Platinum winch is the only SUV winch that consists of the Advanced Remote Controlled Clutch.

The ZEON 12 Platinum winch can deliver a capacity of 5440 kg or 12,000 lb. while the ZEON 10 Platinum offers 4536 kg or 10,000 lb. These come with a roller fairlead, a steel rope, an aluminum polished hawse fairlead and a synthetic winch rope. Other than these, Ningbo Win Full Industry & Trade Co. Ltd has also offered winch accessories and parts in the past. Based in Zhejiang, China, it has more than 80 employees and has a yearly sales figure surpassing $8,060,000.

About Ningbo Win Full Industry & Trade Co. Ltd
A professional exporter and manufacturer, Ningbo Win Full Industry & Trade Co. Ltd is involved with designing, developing and manufacturing of winch parts, winch control, winch cable, rope etc. The company has its presence in Yinzhou, Ningbo and its items satisfy all the international quality standards.

For more details, please visit http://www.nbwinfull.com/

Media Contact:
Company Name: Ningbo Win Full Industry & Trade Co.,ltd
Company Address: No.1508.DiQu building.Yinzhou,Zhejiang,China
Phone: 0574 83075826
Email: info@nbwinfull.com
Fax: 0574 83075826
Whatsapp: +86 15888128513


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