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Stone Glass Provides High Quality Custom Lab Glassware For Customers

Vineland, NJ, (October 02, 2016) – Based in New Jersey, Stone Glass is a maker of laboratory glassware which can be used for development, research work and analytics. It also offers superior custom glassware – glassware that is customized to the specifications of customers – and provides customers with technical support and otherwise for their benefits.

Stone Glass manufactures pipettes and various other disposable scientific supplies for labs, such as culture tubes and chromatography vials along with Erlenmeyer flask, measuring cylinders and beakers. The company specializes in custom glassware, such as reaction vessels, distillation apparatus, chromatography columns, funnels, condensers, manifolds and flasks. It also produces specialty glassware to be used in labs for research work, experiments and more. It is into the production of Buchner funnels, storage containers, test tubes, petri dishes, vials, stirring rods, pipette tips, flasks and virtually any equipment that one can think of.

The scientific glassware market is replete with manufacturers and suppliers for lab equipments and products. However, Stone Glass stands head and shoulders above the rest with its superior offerings which are manufactured at low costs, and are available with lower price tags. Whether for personal experiments or scientific research purposes, there are affordable but high quality glassware items that anyone can use. The company is always ready to private label all the standard glassware items that it offers to customers.

About Stone Glass
Stone Glass is a cheap laboratory glassware manufacturer based in New Jersey that makes high quality glass equipments for scientific and laboratory experiments. It is involved in the production of raw glass materials, and also specializes in custom glass products. Other than glassware production, the company also offers support to customers with its skilled glass engineers.

For further information and enquiries, visit http://www.stoneglassllc.com/

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Stone Glass
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Phone no: (856) 297-8257


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