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INFINITUM, The Show On Mind-Effect Skills By Labib Malik Had Been Sold Out

A young, dynamic mentalist and magician with exceptional psychic abilities is none other than Labib Malik who has been globe-trotting with his power to captivate, conjure and spellbound his audience. After a year of hard work, basking in the success of his last October show, “Paradox,” Labib Malik has again mesmerized the audience three times in a row now, with an exceptional show, named “INFINITUM.” The special factor that hooked the audience this time was the complete mind-control essence that was predominant, helping the audience to live that real-time engagement with Labib at greater depths when he was unraveling his magical prowess.

Fathoming his art, finer sensibilities, the power of mental agility and magic is not easy. However, connecting to him when he is performing, maintaining lively interactions with the audience while stunning them at regular intervals with his magical power, Labib Malik is growing from strength to strength and his fan base is ever-increasing. “INFINITUM” has been accepted with accolades galore and when it is Malik’s magical show, receiving a standing ovation can’t be far behind!

Labib Malik is confident of his art, all-things- magical and witticism. His rich experience on performing street shows as well at gala events, has made him the most well-conversant at mind-reading and controlling people and their thinking prowess. He has been performing at various levels, but his trips to Los Angeles have channelized new list of opportunities, boosting his fan base, enabling him to garner admiration and applause in an unflinching way. He is a classy performer, entertainer and his psychic power and matchless versatility, creativity makes him an awe-inspiring mind-reader with a difference.

About Labib Malik
Labib Malik, the corporate mentalist and entertainer with a hardcore 10 years of experience in mind-reading and magic is the head of Red Chillies Media. This is his own production company, the main force behind his shows that are a huge success and INFINITUM is no exception.

To know more, check out http://labibmalik.com/


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