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VBlocker All Set To Take Smart Phone Security To The Next Level

India (October 05, 2016) - As the world of android is getting more vulnerable to threats posed by spam and scams, app developers on a global level have been pulling up their socks to present users of smart phones and tablets with the best of protective options. Among the infinite call and SMS blockers that are available today, the creative duo Vishal Bodkhe and Nikki Gharde have set benchmarks with their upgraded launch of VBlocker, which is expected to take android security to the next level.

Presently recognized as the best call and SMS blocker downloaded by thousands of international users, this blocking app has designed for enhanced device compatibility and improved protective features to make it an all inclusive deal. As has been expressed by Gharde and Bodkhe, the intention of this app is to maximize protection of smart phone users from spam calls and messages while ensuring minimum usage of device space, battery and associated basics.

This popular android app for call blocking has also been scored very highly for the advanced features that it offers. The basic app which can be downloaded for free includes call and SMS blocking, creating white list contacts, wild card blocking etc. On upgrading features like password protection, backup and restoration, auto response capability, export history, schedule blocking as well as international call blocking can be availed with ease.

The deal is actually as impactful as it sounds. Users from the world over have already been flooding in with their remarkable experiences with this app. Vishal and Nikki have further expressed their intensions of improving the app even further with greater and more evolved features to be added to the list in the forthcoming days. Considering the fact that upgrading this effective SMS and call blocker app from basic to premium levels is very easy and undemanding, users are seen to be waiting eagerly for the more developed versions to be introduced in the near future.

About VBlocker
VBlocker is one the best call and SMS blocker app that has won world wide acceptance. This app has been loaded with features that allow an array of protective features including international call block, wild card blocking etc.

To know more information, please visit:
Website: http://vblocker.net/
VBlocker Play Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vishalmobitech.vblocker
YouTube Promo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9Jgwo6WSak


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