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Darryl Clow Launches INDIEGOGO Campaign For Wikishopline – The Best Place To Shop Online

With hundreds of online shopping websites available at a click away, many people find it challenging to compare prices and qualities and hence find the best product offered online. In his bid to eliminate all such problems, Darryl Clow has taken the initiative to launch INDIEGOGO campaign for Wikishopline that has been designed to make the experience of online shopping better. Striving to make it easier for one to have access to famous shopping sites under the same roof, the company seeks to craft a multi-user platform that will empower one not only to find branded products but also to have a look at products provided by multi-vendors. The beauty of this website is that it has been intended not limit itself to shopping. Features like video and photo sharing, jobs, cars and real estate have been incorporated to unravel the rejuvenating avenue.

Considering that the primary website construction is completed, this fund raising campaign aims to help wikishoplinextreme.com to become the best third party all-in-one site. The prime focus of the website will be to help the independent merchants to find the best place to sell their products online. Instead of hopping from one site to another, this website enables one to have plenty of options to choose from.

Having the flexible goal of $50,000, this project needs ardent support of the online shoppers and the entire community out there. The site is being planned to be connected with many big and small merchants namely Best Buy, Walmart and Ali Baba where customers can comparison shop for specific products right on one site instead of time-consuming jumping around. BY backing the project, one can have shopping credits that do not have any expiration limit imposed on them. The website will also adorn itself with a review section that will bring the opportunity for one to share their experience with products bought from merchants or companies.

About Wikishopline:
Wikishopline is a reputed third party all-in-one site that helps people to save time by enabling them compare and purchase products under the same roof.

For more information, please visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/wikishopline-double-perks-best-website-ever-video/x/14474253#/


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