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Virtual Vizor® Launches VR Store: Best VR Apps & 3d/360° Videos On Google Play Store

With the emergence of new media, it has always been perturbing for one to find the best Virtual Reality application in the crowd. All such problems come to an end with Virtual Vizor® taking the bid to launch VR Store: Best apps & 3D/360° on Google Play Store. The app has been designed to help one to find VR Apps as well as 3D/360° videos Google Cardboard from Google® Play Store & YouTube®. Besides empowering one to find the best in compliance with rating or number of reviews, the application opens the rejuvenating avenue for one to filter by categories or best content as well. The user can also see the number of applications and videos for each filter. In order to add to the repeated engrossment of the users, the application is updated on a regular basis and helps one to find the best and trending virtual reality content. While the ‘Best’ content filter unravels the opportunity for one to hide contents with low ratings and low number of reviews, the new 5 star rating of YouTube has been intended to make it easier for one to have access to the topmost visual reality content available online.

One of the spokespersons comments, “Very useful app for VR Fans Finally I dont have to browse through 1000+ apps each week on the Google play store to find the best & newest VR apps for my Cardboard”, while other goes on, “Great way to attach the Cardboard to a baseball cap. This really turns any Cardboard into a Daydream headset.” Such testimonials cater to the need of being sure about the qualitative aspect of the application.

They take pride in being able to offer VR glasses, VR baseball cap, cap-clip, and 2 adapters for Gear VR® & Cardboard that are adept enough to turn any Cardboard into a comfy Daydream headset. VR Store has plans regarding the addition of the upcoming Daydream VR apps as well.

About VR Store:
VR Store is the most reputed application that helps one to have access to VR apps as well as 3D/360° videos Google Cardboard from Google Play Store & YouTube.

For more information, please visit http://virtualvizor.com/vr-store-best-vr-apps-and-360-videos.php

Download at Google Play Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=info.dzire.virtualvizor&hl=en

Media Contact:
Company Name – Virtual Vizor®
CEO – Dr. Can Ansay
Email – info@virtualvizor.com


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