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Roast Bell Peppers The Easy And Fun Way With A Culinary Torch

Valley cottage, New York, (October 14, 2016)Sinsearly cuisine™, a leading provider of quality kitchen products and manufacturer of the Blow-Pro™ torch receives positive feedback of the usefulness of their culinary torch.

“I was unsure of how much I would use a culinary torch. I had always wanted one, I’ve surprisingly used it more than i thought i would”, said MC in her review on Amazon.com. “My favorite use is for roasting bell peppers. Or making stuffed peppers and then creating a toasted crumb topping for the filling and roasting all of it. The house favorite way is to use it to roast marshmallows!!! My girls love that we can do that while sitting on the floor, watching a movie. Big hit in our house!”

“It’s got quite a bit of uses. I really like that it’s got a tamper proof safety lock. It’s a must have with four young children in the house. The tank is rather large on this so frequent filling isn’t needed. There’s a hand guard to help protect your hand from the flame in some instances. The trigger is extremely easy to use. It self ignites right away. There’s an adjustable, anti-flare knob. I would assume this is pretty standard on most of these, but I really have no idea. There is a filling valve on the bottom. The same type you would use when refilling the refillable camp lighters. Detailed instructions are provided on the box and as long as you follow them, you should have zero issues. Overall, I’m very pleased with this culinary torch! Its priced low enough to feel like you get your money’s worth even with 4-5 uses a year. But i think once you had it, you’d get very creative and find excuses to use it because it’s super cool! I would highly recommend it to any seasoned chef or average, everyday cooking mom or dad!”

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