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Synbio Technologies Offers Breakthrough Technological Advancement Based Services In DNA Engineering

NEW JERSEY, USA (October 14, 2016) - Synbio Technologies has revolutionized DNA engineering by introducing a unique GPS technology. GPS stands for Genotype, Phenotype and Synotype- a system that works to cause translation as well as reverse translation to produce improved synthetic biology applications such as protein directed evolutionary library, DNA storage for digital information, antibody discovery, molecular breeding, genetics engineering vaccine and biofuel. The most interesting part is that the company’s initiative in improving the DNA synthesis technology to design biological solutions is impressively cost effective. Areas covered by the company to incorporate its new GPS system include DNA synthesis, DNA engineering, synthetic biology and its applications, pharmacogenomics, pathway synthesis, genome synthesis, translation biology and microbiology.

The PCR cloning and subcloning area covered by Snybio Technologies include incorporation of the company’s patent pending technologies Clone 3.1 system and Syno® 2.0 tool to clone a target gene into a site of a vector to meet the requirements of the customers. Also, the company offers high efficiency based high-throughput subcloning, based on customers’ needs. Delivery forms of Synbio Tech.’s standard packaging in this category include:

•    Lyophilized plasmid DNA (4µg)
•    Sequencing chromatogram
•    Certificate of analysis (COA)

The Humanized Antibody Library service of the company has been developed and designed to reduce immune side effects of heterologous antibodies. This strategy of the company is based on advanced synthetic biology technologies and concepts, developing efficient and fast antibody humanized services. Synbio Tech. apart from designing humanized antibody also can construct an effective humanized antibody library. The services offered by the company in this category include:

•    Monoclonal antibody sequencing
•    Design and construction of humanized antibody library
•    Screening and evaluation of humanized antibody library

Therefore, to enjoy the benefits of DNA synthesis advancements at cost efficient rates from Synbio Technologies, a company that has a proven track record in converting scientific breakthroughs in affordable biological solutions, one must the official website of the company where all its services and contact information are provided in detail.

For more information on services of the company visit http://www.synbio-tech.com/


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