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Unimax International Limited Offers One-Stop Shopping Solution Sealing Products At Best Prices

CHINA (October 16, 2016) - Unimax International Limited is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of top quality sealing and insulating products across the world. The advantages of buying products from Unimax International Limited include experiencing a one-stop shopping solution for a wide variety of sealing products include A-grade PTFE Coated Fiberglass, making the most of the cost-effectiveness in purchasing top quality China made insulating and sealing products and enjoying the pre and after sale services that this experienced company’s talented and efficient team of professionals excel at.

One of the most popular sealing products that Unimax offers is the PTFE Coated Fiberglass which is imported by the company as raw material. This high quality fiberglass is then woven through satin, plain and twill and other methods of weaving to ensure that PTFE resin is thoroughly impregnated as well as coated onto the fiberglass. Some of the features of this material include.

•    High intensity, stable dimension and elongation coefficient not exceeding 5%
•    Continuous working temperature between -70°C and 260°C ensuring good temperature resistance
•    Non-sticky so that stains and adhesives can be easily cleared from its surface
•    Resistance against most acids, alkalis and chemicals
•    Aging and fireproof resistant

Some applications of this material:

•    Non-stick cloth or pad
•    High temperature resistant pad like oven pad, microwave pad, etc.
•    Fusing belts, sealing belts, conveyor belts or anywhere requiring non-stick, high temperature and chemical resistance
•    Wrapping or covering material in petrochemical industries, insulating material, desulfurizing material in power plants, high temperature resistance material in electrical industries, etc.

Unimax International Limited complies with the standards of ISO 9001:2008 which is why all its products are of superior quality. The company supplies products for various requirements of its customers including applications for different industries like pharmaceuticals, paper mills, petrochemicals, refinery and process, oil and gas, sugar and food, car and bus, construction areas and fertilizer plants.

To know more about the company and its sealing products visit http://www.uni-seals.com/productlist.php?firstclass_id=7&secondclass_id=65

Media Contact:
Company name: Unimax International Limited
Email: info@uniseals.com


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