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40 Years Old Man Seek Donation For Getting Proper Training Of Computer Software & Mobile App Programing

Life is not always a bed of roses. But those do not get bogged down when life makes them taste barren soil are champions in every sense of the word. Facing the challenges that life throws with a fearless attitude helps one to earn respect in the society. Needless to say that helping these brave people who have the never-say-die attitude is indeed the most noble deed one can do. Anthony Martin, a 40 years old man, is probably the most appropriate example of a person who never gives up and his always ready to face any challenge.

A father to 6 kids, Anthony Martin moved out of his hometown, California, and settled in Texas in the bid to provide a better standard of living to his family. He chose the path of software sales for earning his bread and butter but, in the due course of time, this profession failed to provide him with a decent financial support. Having left with no other choice, this 40 years old man is now looking forward to change his profession. He is now motivated to enter the sector of computer software and mobile app programing which he thinks would help him to earn more which would help him to increase his family’s living standard. Those who know Anthony are surely of the fact that he had a passion for computers and technologies from a very young age. Now he is tuned in to make a living out of his passion.

But in today’s world, passion is not enough to get a job. One needs to have a proper training and a certificate along with in-depth knowledge about any discipline in order to get a job which offers a decent salary. Although Anthony is highly passionate about computers and technologies, he does not have a degree to back his passion.

Anthony is now looking forward to get admitted to Coding Dojo, a school in Dallas, where he will get the required training to enter this industry in 18 weeks. But the problem lies in the fact that Anthony is running short of money.

In this hour of need, Anthony looks forward to get donations from generous people all across the globe. The donations will help him to get admitted to this school, help him to buy an updated computer and other advanced gadget and at the same time will also assist him to meet his needs during this period.

About Anthony Martin
Anthony Martin is a 40 years old man who is looking forward to get donations for the sake of getting admitted to Coding Dojo in the bid to get proper training of computer software and mobile app programing as he wants to enter this industry to earn his bread and butter.

To know more, please visit https://www.gofundme.com/backtoschoolat40


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