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Best Mop For Bamboo Floor Claims Amazon Customer

Valley Cottage, New York (October 2016) – Temples Pride, a leading provider and manufacturer of home cleaning products today announced they have received a review from a happy customer about the effectiveness of their Dredge mop on her Bamboo floor.

“Having a dark bamboo wood floor seemed like a great idea 2 kids and 2 dogs ago…. Now…. not so much!” Says Mamma Shopper in her review on Amazon. “I sweep and mop daily, sometimes multiple times as we all tend to walk barefoot and the idea of what we are walking on grosses me out! This mop appealed to me because it telescopes to a variety of lengths and comes with multiple cloths so I don’t have to wash it, wait for it to dry before cleaning the floor again. This works much like a pressure bar, you lock it into place by twisting it tightly in 2 different places.”

“I can make this short as possible for my toddler, to full length for the hubby- which rarely happens. But I do like the longer length for when I want to reach more of the floor without moving much- typically when I am quickly removing footprints from someone too impatient to wait for the floor to dry. I use the duster cloth often- this takes the place of sweeping in lots of cases, which is great for trapping all my dogs hair.”

“Having an Akita comes with the downfall of lots of shedding. White hair on dark floor equals ick! This keeps the hair from flying around and landing on other things. Plus, my kids can do this without me having to re-sweep to get everything they missed. I use a simple green solution for our floors to avoid any type of buildup since I mop daily and the cleaning cloths work great and wash out easily in the sink so I don’t have to actually wash them each time in the washer. I pre-wet them, drop it on the floor, plunk down the head of the mop that has velcro on it and mop away with a spritz here and there. With the swivel head it easily swipes in and out of the chairs and table and under our furniture. This also features a hole for hanging, though I added a string to the top so it will lay flat against my back door. By far, this is a superior mop and it’s very useful, especially for everyday moppers like me!”

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