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Kokopelli Inn Opens The Doors To Ecstasy With Its Premium Suites In Estes Park, CO

Estes Park, CO (October 20, 2016) – For an adventurous and heavenly weekend fun, Kokopelli Inn welcomes the customers in the paradisal environment of Estes Park. The Inn promises luxury suites and cuisines excelling customers’ expectations along with incredible travel experience. The Inn has recently reported that they have a lot of majestic experiences to offer to their customers including enticing pines, airy rooms with royal décor, comfortable beds, world class cuisines, cozy fireplaces, mesmeric scenario from the spacious balcony and much more. The Inn claims to have Southwestern theme that stays in the memories of the customers for years.

The Inn offers an opportunity to explore the Lowest budget extreme travel destinations in Estes Park and make the weekends unforgettable. According to the management team of the Inn, customers can rejoice a wide range of adventurous and fund activities around like Climbing Colorado’s steepest peaks, Popular Hikes in Estes Park Colorado, Climbing and Mountaineering Guides and Trips, Ironman Triathletes come train in Estes Park Colorado, Road Cycling camps with Pro’s , Mountain biking trails in Estes Park, Mountain biking trails on Fat Bikes at Kokopelli Inn, Colorado Running and Cycling races, Kayaking with a guide at Hotels in Estes Park, Elk Jerky fresh from Roosevelt National Park, Snow Skinning and snowshoes at Kokopelli Inn and many other riveting and pleasurable activities. Kokopelli Inn invites its customers to bask in the adventurous tours and Organic Breakfasts in Estes Park to chase away the weekend low.

About Kokopelli Inn
The Kokopelli Inn is owned by Byron and Theresa Lea in the Estes Park area. The Inn encourages outdoor adventure and luxury living while rejoicing the weekend escapades. Byron and Theresa offer value for money amenities to their guests to make their weekend tour special. They have different types of suits with calming amenities and spacious balconies to offer an unbelievable view of the nature.

For more information about Kokopelli Inn, visit http://www.kokopelliinn.net/


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