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Lonely Nonwoven Brought Wet Laid Nonwoven Fabrics With New Technology In Production Process

America, (October 20, 2016) – American Wet Laid nonwoven fabrics is a great solution for battery separator, medical tape, embroidery backing and filtering etc. Lonely Nonwoven is a professional supplier of wet-laid nonwoven fabrics. It is leading nonwoven fabrics provider in the market from all over the globe and they share the latest technologies to produce such fabrics in an innovative way. WetLaid nonwoven fabrics encompass diverse skills and discipline in the production and maintenance of the nonwoven fabrics. Wet Laid nonwovens are used in myriad areas of fabrics. It is made through revised papermaking procedure. Dry laid and wet laid nonwovens are different in respect of production equipment, technology, and raw materials.

According to the customer’s requirements wet-laid nonwoven fabrics in rolls are produced. The materials are customized for different clients. The wet-laid nonwoven fabrics have different features like even density, a low difference in horizontal and vertical tensile strength, different colours and hardness and the fabrics are used for different purposes. Wet Laid nonwoven fabrics cover up diverse aspect of the fabrics of the production. Lonely Nonwoven is determined and dedicated to supplying wet laid nonwoven products to the targeted clients and for this, they take the suitable steps.

Generally Lonely Nonwoven produces roll goods and finished products but they produce other non wet laid productions which can produce spun lace nonwoven fabrics for the clients. Actually, Wet laid nonwoven production process is modified paper making process. Short fibers are used as main raw material in wet laid nonwoven production line. The short fibers are suspended in the water and then the fibers would be placed onto a screen for removing the water. After that, the web would be consolidated in a different way.

To know more about Lonely Nonwoven and its services please go to the http://www.wetlaid-nonwoven.com/

About Lonely Nonwoven:
Lonely Nonwoven is a professional manufacturer of wet-laid nonwoven fabrics. Their products include Wet laid nonwoven fabrics for battery separator, Wet laid nonwoven fabrics for medical tape, and Wet laid nonwoven fabrics for embroidery backing and depilation strips.


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