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Sinsearly Cuisine™ Launches Blow-Pro™ Promotion To Clear Stock For New Model

Valley cottage, New York, (October 20, 2016) - Sinsearly cuisine™, a leading provider of quality kitchen products and manufacturer of the Blow-Pro™ torch today announced they will soon be releasing a brand new model of their popular blow torch.

“We have a great new model soon to arrive” Said the top spokesperson from sinsearly cuisine,”We have made quite a few improvements and modifications. The new model will now have a bigger tank and a fuel gauge allowing a much longer usage time between fills. This comes very handy in certain situations like camping and hiking. In preperation for the arrival of the new model we are running a 20% off promotion for our current stock and the Amazon.com coupon code is 20blow20.” (The code is applied after the add to cart button has been pressed)

Their current model of the blow-pro torch continues to climb the ranks quite steadily on amazon.com. Recently, Sinsearly cuisine introduced a recipe Ebook that is sold in conjunction with their kitchen torch. It has been very happily accepted and praised for its cleverness and diversity in bringing together a lot of fun and useful recipes that all require the use of a culinary torch.

“I love the book, it is so cool” said Theo in his review.

“Very clever and thoughtful”, Said Amanda, “You almost feel like you want to buy the blow torch just for the Ebook. They have so much in it, there are torch recipes for everything and even culinary torch recipes you would never have thought possible or even existed.”

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