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Jtsliding Offers Advanced Technology Based Ce Certified Maxdor Automatic Doors

GUANGZHOU, CHINA (October 26, 2016) – With an aim to bring advanced technology based highly engineered intelligent sensing automatic doors to the world, Guangzhou Jiangtu Intelligent Technology offers automatic door designs, sales, construction and after-sale services. Some of the product sales and scope that the company is involved in include the GTD automatic induction translation door, the ATM auto door, ES200 automatic sliding door, the GTW automatic swing door, aluminum alloy shutter door, the GT150 & GT300 automatic electric sensor door and the GTC automatic curved door. All the equipment used by JT Sliding are characterized by high quality, high stability, easy maintenance and other beneficial features.

Various companies of domestic and foreign origin have formed partnership with the company that has helped it to build a strong talent, technology and brand base. The MAXDOR automatic door is manufactured under strict quality supervision, in line with international standards and is CE certified. The MAXDOR automatic door design is inspired by European technology and uses a series of products involving German design and manufacturing. It is a leading manufactory of automatic door lines based on the newest technology and production. It is based on modular system design and has a flexible application to meet all kinds of requirements for total customer satisfaction. Some of the MAXDOR automatic doors available at JT Sliding include automatic sliding door, auto door system, auto sliding door, Office sliding door and door automation parts.

With a commitment to bring innovative technology to the world and dedicated professional team work, the company has spent more than 10 years of construction engineering to come up with a research design that has led to the creation of MAXDOR. The products come with 2 year warranty and are delivered on time by the company. To offer its customers the highest quality products, the company adheres to quality assurance in terms of product quality and service.

To know more about the various products and services offered by the company, visit http://www.jtsliding.com/

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Tel: 0086-13527680096
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