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Illustrator Paul Partlow, Finalist In Hasbro’s Next Great Game Competition, Seeks Funding For His Newest Game PLANK & RANK

PLANK & RANK, a new game from artist Paul Partlow, has been chosen as one of five finalists in Hasbro’s Next Great Game Challenge.  The final round consists of a crowdfunding campaign, launched through Indiegogo, in which each of the five finalists must prove the appeal and marketability of their game.  Paul Partlow is seeking monetary contributions to help him win this competition.

PLANK & RANK is a two-player game that combines the fun of a board game with the strategy of a card game.  Inspired by the Roman conquest of Gaul, but with a whimsical slant, each player must build a bridge, plank-by-plank, across the mighty Rhine River while simultaneously moving their armies, rank-by-rank, to the opposite side.  However, a few snags and surprises await the players along the way.

Paul Partlow has spent the better part of a year developing this table top gaming.  With a few well-received prototypes already produced, he is now seeking to take manufacturing to the next level and reach a wider audience.  Paul Partlow is a recent graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and this is his first big project following graduation.

The game is available, along with other perks, through the PLANK & RANK campaign on Indiegogo.com found here.



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