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Limo Digest Announces Its New Mobile Site And Mobile App For Exclusive Luxury Transportation

CINNAMINSON, NJ (OCTOBER 27, 2016): With the new “Limo Locator” mobile app launched by the well-reputed Limo Digest Company, one can now enjoy a luxurious transportation service for the distinguished client booking a ride to another city or state or an affiliate fleet option for expanding one’s business in another part of the country. Since Limo Digest began over two decades ago, the landscape of the industry has evolved. To keep up with the changes in technology, the company has launched a new mobile app called the “Limo Locator” to allow its customers to book limousines from companies that hold a reputation in this area of service.

The new “Limo Locator” is actually a centralized database that offers customers the access to the most-trusted ground transportation and limousine companies. All the companies advertised on the “Limo Locator” app has been in service long enough to gain a good reputation in the market. One can either use the map provided in the app or navigate to a particular state below to find the list of companies offering the service in the state or town one is looking for. The app is user-friendly and is of great assistance to customers looking for good service at reasonable prices.

Being one of the most reputed and trusted brands in the industry of luxury transportation; Limo Digest has always lived up to its reputation ever since its inception 25 years ago. The company’s familiarity with the day-to-day operations of the luxury transportation industry has helped provide top quality service to its customers. With this new app now Limo Digest can reach out to more customers who are in need of quality transportation service in a simple and easy way. The best part is that the circulation database of the company is one of the largest in the industry and it is well maintained through frequent updates.

To download the limo locator app, visit http://www.limodigest.com/limo-locater/

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