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Superhero That Fights Racism

North Carolina, US (27th October 2016) - A Black Super Hero raises awareness by talking about the issues and the problems being faced by the black people. This comic character is known as superhero Black. The comic artist intentionally chooses a superhero which is black. This comic character would not only tickle the funny bones of the reader but would also raise awareness. They comic would address the day to day problems being faced by the black people not only in US but worldwide. The comic artist gives the reader one of the revolutionary Black Super Hero to End Global Racism.

This superhero is a character which has various special powers. One of the power would be mind control. The superhero would possess the power to control minds. Like almost all the superhero this superhero would also be super strong, however, one of the greatest power that this superhero is the sarcasm. Sarcasm is one of the special power being chosen to portray problems of black in a sarcastic way. This superhero would be a little different from the other superhero. Unlike other superheroes this superhero is allergic to Racism and would the fight social evils rather than fighting a specific villains.

The introduction of a black superhero is a step towards social equality. This is an attempt to make people understand that all Lives Matter. The comic artist is inspired by comedian and television personality Trevor Noah and comedian John Oliver to make a black character that makes a difference to the society. Though the comic primarily discusses the problem of the black people, this comic makes an attempt to bring equality to the society by speaking for the oppressed. This is a comic that would make a huge difference to the reader’s mind but in an entertaining way.

For more information please, visit https://igg.me/at/black-super-hero


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