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Xfinitum Offers Unique Technologies To New Generation Users

Technology is fast evolving, and bringing new and improved ways to serve customer demands. Xfinitum Pte. Ltd. is creating out of the box solutions to cater to customer requirements. Based in Singapore, the company has all the best resources and tools that are needed for competing in the segment.

It has brought out an advanced smartphone laptop hybrid that would replace conventional laptops, boasting of superior technology such as 40.000 mAh capacity battery that lasts for as long as 73 hours on only one full charge. There is IPS Full HD screen of 15.6 and 17.6 inches which is superior in quality and boasts of anti-glare technology. It has superior low frequency sound due to two low and four mid frequency drivers and state of the art 4:2 audio system, which ensures better listening experience.

The company has also launched a wireless card reader, which can be used with any type of wireless device, for copying and sharing of files with others and expanding the storage capacity of smartphones such as iPhone. Customers can use it for storing many files, photos, songs and movies. Mobile phone users will not experience lack of storage space any more. The internal storage capacity of mobile devices can be expanded to a maximum of 1 TB.

Xfinitum has lately begun working with Chinese and Vietnam factories, and has started mass production. It is establishing connections with numerous manufacturers and suppliers. The company plans to bring out efficient and inexpensive devices to the customers, as a solution to the expensive and inefficient gadgets that exist in the market at present.

About Xfinitum Pte. Ltd
Based in Singapore, Xfinitum Pte. Ltd is a one-of-a-kind technology company that was set up in 2015 by Nikita Yakupov and Mikhail Prokudin. The company is into modular laptop concept and other technology development and consists of a team of efficient professionals.

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Xfinitum Pte. Ltd
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