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DGCRANE Is Shifting The Overhead Crane Manufacturing Style From Soviet To European

XINXIANG, HENAN, CHINA (October 31, 2016) – DGCRANE or the Xinxiang Degong Machinery Co., Limited is the biggest crane manufacturer based in China. The company specialized in designing and manufacturing of different types of cranes, like gantry, jib cranes, etc., and now have decided to change its course of building styles like the Europeans. The planning stage of the European style overhead crane has started from January 7, 2016, and came to limelight in October, as the new change in manufacturing areas. The company was using the methods of Soviet-style designing of EOT cranes, and it’s reported that they have been found the new western way fascinating.

The company has been manufacturing a series of diverse kinds of cranes as well as their parts, which makes them a regional leader in the country as crane parts maker. An official of the company made these statement as “this new approach, has made our company renowned in other nations as well, were easier methods are preferred among the tough ones.” The Chinese government also support this approach, and “a good sign to being familiar with the newer methods of building a better name of the company in and outside of China” said by a Chinese government representative.

The company official also approached to the media about some plans, about stopping the production of the traditional Soviet style overhead cranes soon. The officials also added that they are expecting some new of orders from different vendors across the lands and have the aim to become the largest EOT crane suppliers in all of Eastern Asia. It’s also reported that other local EOT crane manufacturers are emerging new ideas to tackle this homegrown European style crane building process. The local people of Henan province have shown their support to the company as well at the announcement ceremony, and they will get new jobs to the old adjacent sites of the factory.

DGCRANE a.k.a. Xinxiang Degong Machinery Co., Ltd is the leading overhead crane manufacturers in China, along with the crane parts. Their business is spreading in China and also gets different contracts of building crane projects from other parts of the world.

To know more about DGCRANE and its news as well as the older services visits http://www.dgcrane.com/eot-cranes/

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