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Premiere Sales Comes With The Best Residential Water Purification System

Oceanside, CA, (November 02, 2016) – Pure drinking and cooking water is the need for every home, and an object of daily necessity. Based in California, Premiere Sales is one of the major wholesale water filtration systems providers in the area since 1997. The company comes with the best water filtration products, and has come out now with the most advanced whole house water purification system.

Premiere Sales has been offering fresh water filter systems from top brands like Watts Premiere, Pentek, Premiere, Hoshizaki, Grainger, 3M Purification, Everpure and Aqua Pure to name a few. The company offers the most superior whole house bacteria water filter. It also provides customers with a High Flow Membrane Water Purification System which can offer a constant flow rate of 8 gpm, and the membrane being capable of filtering to as minuteness as 0.02 micron.

Made of superior materials, the water treatment systems for home can last two times more than its nearest competitor. It is offered with a long warranty period of 10 years. The purifier is capable of removing up to 99.99% of germs from drinking water. It can also remove sediment, silt, sand and colloidal materials, as well as organic material with comparatively higher molecular weight.

With the number of water-borne disorders due to germs growing in number across the globe, finding safe drinking water has become a big issue. Premier Sales aims to take care of this problem with its high quality whole house water systems that promise nothing but the best.

About Premiere Sales:
Based in Oceanside, California, Premiere Sales is one of the most superior water filtration systems providers at competitive prices. It offers water purifiers from top brands, and assures 99.9% pure water.

For more details or enquiries, please visit http://www.premieresales.com/

Media Contact:
Premiere Sales
3771 Kelton Dr.
Oceanside, CA 92056
Phone no: (800) 817-6306
Email: alex.smth1989@gmail.com


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