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Universal Language Productions LLC Brings ULP TV Mobile App

Riverton, NJ, (November 14, 2016) – Video streaming technology has caught on with viewers, and it is making news for all the right reasons. Cable TV channels are struggling to offer newer content. With online video streaming TV has become more entertaining for viewers who are bored with repetitive content and constantly look for new offerings. Universal Language Productions is coming out with its ULP TV Mobile app, in an attempt to reach out to a huge section of audience that is always hungry for newer and more varied content to watch.

TV entertainment has become boring with content often been repeated. With video on demand, viewers do not have to limit their fun only to the content offered to them by regular cable TV channels. ULP TV mobile app helps viewers to stream videos directly from YouTube and other video sharing websites online. The app helps users to search channels, create channels and even syndicate scheduled video content preferred by users.

This is a true cross platform app which works on mobile devices as well as on TV. The app is going to be released soon on the official web page of Universal Language Productions LLC as well as its twitter handle and the website of its partner Lilholt Technology Solutions LLC. Based in Riverton, NJ, Universal Language Productions LLC aims to make video streaming of entertaining programs smoother and more efficient for viewers.

ULP TV has its revenue model based on an internal ad serving platform to allow streaming of commercials to get more air time. Its app has been designed to make TV viewing more entertaining for users. Other than allowing video watching on Amazon Fire TV and Roku Set-Top Boxes, it also lets users watch videos on their smartphones, computers and tablets.

The app has been designed to make TV or video watching more convenient for viewers. It can let people flip through channels that exist already, or even create new channels. People using the app can feel nothing different from the experience of flipping from one Cable TV channel to another.

Software development is one of the strength areas of Universal Language Productions LLC, and the company intends to enhance viewer experience with its ULP TV Mobile app. Live TV is constantly growing and TV viewing fun is being revolutionized. The ULP TV Mobile app seems to be an effort in the right direction. It can be expected that the company will work more on this segment and come out with newer offerings that can satisfy an ever-growing viewer population that is always looking for more content.

About Universal Language Productions LLC
Universal Language Productions LLC is a diversified international media enterprise and entertainment company. Based in Riverton, NJ, the company provides amazing entertainment on an international network to viewers across the globe looking for variation in content.

To know more, check out http://www.universallanguageproductions.com/

Universal Language Productions LLC
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