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Boston Bayside Properties Realtors Are Supporting The Pajama Program

Not all little kids are born lucky and get the warmth, care and love of parents. The gloomy faces of the little ones can light up when people spread out their helping hand.

Boston Bayside Properties are sponsoring a “Happily Ever After Pajama Party”. Where people can donate to The Pajama Program.

The Pajama Program is simple and urges people to donate new sets of pajamas and new books. Pajamas and Books can be dropped off at Boston Bayside Properties between 11:00am to 2:00pm. The office address is 2253 Dorchester Avenue | Dorchester MA 02124

For those who want to support this charitable cause by monetary donations.

Checks can be written to Pajama Program

Or online at “Happily Ever After Pajama Party for the Pajama Program.”

About Boston Bayside Properties “Happily Ever After Pajama Program”
Boston Bayside Properties, Jessie Cuddy and James Harrison, are supporting the Pajama Program, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, provides New Pajamas and New Books for children in need.

To know more, click http://www.bostonbayside.com/posts/happily-ever-after-pajama-party-for-the-pajama-program

Question please call 617-298-2400



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