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Know Your Guest To Skip A Nasty Experience: A Spanish Initiative To The Aid Of Hotel Industry

There are plenty of sites one can check while making a travel plan to find out the best place to accommodate at. As easy as it is for the pocket, it also makes the tour comfortable and worth it. On the contrary, what about the flip side? What does the hotel authority have to be aware of a particularly problematic guest? How can one really blame them for not being cooperative if their previous experience with a certain nationality had gone horribly wrong? Well, finally there is a way out. Just like the guests can check out a certain accommodation online before hotel reservation, the new indiegogo project Who’s Your Guest also offers a database, wherein the hotel owners and authority can look up a list of particularly vile guests and determine whether to welcome the accommodation seeker or not.

The system is really fantastic as this benefits both the lawful guests and the accommodation provider. On the provider’s part, it is lot more than just an ID to allow a guest. They could very well be assured whether the customer they are looking at might turn out to be a fraud or nasty or they could have a warm and nice experience with the one. On the other hand, the lawful customers can also have a beautiful ‘wicked-neighbor-free’ vacation and will not be paying extra room rent because someone before them did not care to pay the same.

The system sounds all too good and the hotels in Espanyol seem to welcome the measure and eager to join the WYG network. Not only could one rate a customer on the site, but also whosyourguest.com allows a service provider to search the name and history of their potential customers. So, 5-star hotels sound too yesterday; it’s time for being 5-star guests!

About Whosyourguest.com
Whosyourguest.com provides information about a potential guest to the hotel reservation authority to determine whether to allow the guest a room or not. Visit the link to know more.

For more information, please visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/whos-your-guest-for-a-good-night-s-sleep#/


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