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LaDàna, a multitalented personality having expertise in the Public relation, international communication, entertainment, travel and creative domains is sharing her travel experiences on her official portal. The travel enthusiast is offering her fans an opportunity to explore new islands and exotic destinations online through her TRAVEL BLOG and opening the doors for various businesses and events for online promotion on her official site. LaDàna has already proved her potential in the fields like acting, hosting, production, public relations and international communications. She got a successful online TV channel. LaDàna is encouraging the travel-savvy people to join her blog site and get the latest updates regarding her CALIBISHIE COVE, DOMINICA tour and other exotic travel diaries.

LaDàna recently opened up about her ECO-TOURISM oriented CALIBISHIE hotel tour in the THE COMMONWEALTH OF DOMINICA and appreciated the impeccable amenities offered by the management of the hotel. The travel fanatic celebrity adds that the hotel bestows the travel-savvy people with a serene and pure Island environment away from the hustle and bustle of the citylife. In accordance to the reports unveiled by the multitalented personality, the island based hotel can be the best holiday destination for Island-life loving folks. LaDàna also talks about the extraordinary fun that every tourist can experience in the TREASURE ISLAND in a friendly budget. LaDàna also promotes WEDDING DESTINATION, YURI JONES PHOTOGRAPHY, press junkets, social media and many other things to give her audience and fans the everyday dose of fun and entertainment.

About LaDàna      
LaDàna is a personality with versatile talents. She offers exciting buzzes to her fans about travel, media, global events and much more. She promotes different businesses on her portal and offers them a great audience exposure.

For more information about LaDàna’s official site, visit http://officiallyladana.com/calibishie-cove-dominicas-premiere-eco-tourism-hotel/

Media Contact:
LaDàna Drigo, Publicist @ Above Prestige Public Relations
Phone: (202) 670-6489
Email: info@AbovePrestigePR.com


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