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Airwheel Sport Bike Gears Are Unbelievably Sexy, Quintessentially Safe

Changzhou, Jiangsu, China(November 21, 2016):- Thought of an intelligent electric scooter that one can take around anywhere and everywhere without much parking complications? Bet to say, it sounds easy because it is easy. Airwheel launches variety of sport bikes that could be folded perfectly and carried around like a slightly heavy briefcase. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Airwheel’s classic S-series is all about such amazing stuff. The speed of these mini electric scooters is amazing and so are their safety factors. None of the scooters come along just like that rather each of these has specific gears to be paired up with.

Airwheel has designed a series of customized helmet for the users of electronic scooters to pair them up for complete safety. Airwheel CS5 is a perfect prototype of such fashionable yet risk-free intelligent helmets. One can record the moment of joy while on an Airwheel scooter with the help of the camera set on the intelligent helmet. Doesn’t this make a ride with Airwheel helmet on a revolutionary experience? A lot of users already think so.

It just does not end here. Airwheel has also come up with a whole new experience of an intelligent hoverboard called Airwheel M3. The users must love the product for its unbeatable performance and extra stylish design that transforms a toy into a tool. This self-balancing electronic vehicle has out and out made the amazing experience particularly safe at the same time. The thrill, the hormone and the youth be respected, this hoverboard is sure to attract all those ageless fellows out there with its alluring looks and features.

With these exciting products from Airwheel the users most definitely should be overwhelmed and excited to try their hands at freedom in a futuristic dimension. While being classy, the Airwheel products are absolutely new and trendy as well.

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Airwheel Technology Holding (USA) CO.,LTD is dedicated to come up with high quality sports bikes.

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