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An Invitation Card That Mark Your Special Occasion An Unforgettable Event For The Guests

DUBLIN, CALIFORNIA, USA (November 23, 2016) – Clearly Invited is an invitation card manufacturing company, based in the city that makes specialized invite cards for various occasions like any wedding ceremonies, birthday invitations, or any other specific occasions. The company is owned by Jeff Salinas, who is a designer himself and in 2012 he established this firm, with the motto, “I believe simplicity on each detail what makes an event to remember.” It’s said that one’s confidence makes a path for him or her, and in this case, it does fit right now the owner continues “our products are for a remarkable prelude to your wedding and a graceful memento for your guests.”

Our sources confirmed about the attractive invitation cards, and those are made from the versatile plastic metabolism named acrylic fibers that are a form of polymer or polyacrylonitrile and are known for soft and strong materials. The substance has totally replaced the use of paper by this company because of using a material that wouldn’t get distorted, so the guest will not throw them away, but keeps them as a souvenir. All these Unique wedding invites are thoroughly created by the designers to implement your (you as the groom or bride or the child whose birthday is near) signature, and the concept of keeping the signature is merely for the Acrylic invitations.

By all information from our sources, we have decided to highlight the new material used by this company because of its usefulness and the open designs. There is another type of wedding card which is a little bit more unique than the Acrylic wedding invitation cards, and this one is the Plexi glass wedding invitation card which is also a part of acrylic but is glass made. All these types of cards came with various colors and textured such as clear cards, frosted, jade (a color of green), or the eternal black color.

About Clearly Invited:
The company is an occasional card manufacturer with greater heights and precision, although this one is not so old, established in 2012 and became famous within few years.

To know more about all the collection of these cards then visits the website of https://www.acrylicweddinginvitations.com/

Media Contact:
Company: Clearly Invited
Owner: Jeff Salinas
Address: 7030 Village Parkway, Dublin, California 94568, USA
Tel: 1 (415) 370-8164
Email: jeff@dublintrophys.com


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