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VA Business Services Corp Has Eased Up The Work Search For Freelancers

United States (November 24, 2016) - VA Business Services Corp has opened a website that brings freelancers and business owner to work together. It is like a portal for virtual assistant jobs where business manager post projects on the site and freelancers apply for those projects. The website has two relevant tabs both for business owners and freelancers where find work tab is for freelancers and find freelancers tab is for business managers. A business owner who posts project or looks for freelancers display a different type of project, and they can be short, long, big, team-based, etc.

VA Business Services Corp has categorized the work in various types which includes animation, art, blog programming, corporate identity kit, database development, design and multimedia, graphics design, IT, and programming, etc. However, there are plenty of different types that are listed on the category type that is not in common in other virtual job portal websites. The process of look for projects or freelancers is quite easy as all the queries are located on the home page of the site; no one has to brainstorm to find the job. Although all the latest projects get featured on the main page of the website with deadline and price quote.

Apart from work from home jobs posted on the site, company owners can also hire a qualified freelancer as a permanent employee. Finding an employee won’t be a hard task as every writer profiles showcase rating and depending on that owners can interview the qualified ones and offer them a job. The website also provides time tracker for maintaining shift timing and Zoho invoice that offers free timesheet for paying employees.

About VA Business Services Corp
VA Business Services Corp has opened a website that acts as a job and employee search medium for both freelancers and company owners. Projects with all its requirement are posted on the website and freelancers apply for those projects through an easy process.

For more information, please visit http://vabusinessservicescorp.us/

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Name of business: VA Business Services Corp
Email: virtualassistantbusinesss@yahoo.com


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